it hurts to hurt people but
hurt people hurt people,
even when we’ve got
nothing but the best of intentions

especially then, because what’s best
for me might not be what’s best for you, but
best believe I know what’s best because
best believe I am a man of my word

except that doesn’t mean shit when
you keep telling me what you need and
I keep telling you what you need and
and we both keep failing to communicate
to each other.

we keep shouting words at one another
both of us still waiting for the other
to shut up and sit down but oh brother
if there’s anything we are, best believe
that we are stubborn.

and I know that we are stubborn because we care
and that you don’t care that we’re stubborn because you care
and that I don’t care that you don’t care
because I care

but we’ve got to care a little more
about being stubborn a little less
or else this thing called us isn’t going anywhere.
neither of us wants to say it, but this argument is going nowhere.

it is going nowhere fast
and I don’t want these heated moments
spent together to be our last.
I just want for you and me to be together.
I really just want us to last.

She was a dark star.


(Astral Falls)

She was a dark star

I didn’t know you could break what’s
already broken. Demolishing my
scarce remains until not even
stardust was left.

I didn’t know you could be so cruel
to your lover. Screaming you
love me as you pushed the blade
straight through my heart.

I didn’t know you could distort
my world. Reinforcing my
insecurities by indulging in
all of my flaws.

I didn’t know I could love someone
like you. Such a vile creature you
were. I wonder how I never noticed it:
you never did shine