I love words, but I hate an introduction. They are awkward, at least for me- but only when they are so one-sided. This kind of thing is always an entire ordeal in itself. The need to figure out what things to reveal and how best to say it so that no one gets offended. I think It is rather pointless. Introductions are stressful. What exactly is there to introduce? Myself or my writing? Either way, the words you read will give you a better introduction than I could ever construct.
We like to think we know who we are, as people. That we can sum ourselves up in a few sentences at best (or a book at worst), but the truth is that we can’t. I exist and that is something we can all agree upon, but who I am is subjective. Who I am to my mother is different from who I am to my father. Not because I intentionally act differently around the two, but because the version of me that exist in their heads are constructed of choice memories they decided to hold onto for their own reasons. Maybe it was the way they grew up. Maybe it was a mood they were in. Maybe one day something small I did had simply stuck with them.
The point is these introductions are pointless. By the time you’ve read through one, the version of me that I’d like to think everyone sees is gone. It may be the same words on your screen, but filtered through your eyes and experiences, the Antoine that exists for you is already someone that I will never truly know or understand.
So maybe this isn’t a proper introduction. It is, at the very least, something real. Maybe that is the best introduction I can hope for.

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