it was as if everything he had been searching for was right there in front of his face. words all neatly bundled up into the perfect Instagram post that was only waiting to be stumbled upon. granted, the circumstances around discovery could have been better, but maybe it couldn’t have happened any other way. maybe it literally took a trip halfway across the world and back, a few broken hearts, depression, and a happy moment filled with uncertainty to find the words he wanted but didn’t quite believe existed.

he knew what he was looking for, sort of. it’s just, how do you find something when you don’t even know what it looks like? like this, I suppose. perfectly by accident, because the world isn’t that perfect but it is nice to think that it is. perfectly by accident, because you never know what comes next after reaching goals you just knew you were never going to reach. perfectly, or by accident. maybe the how doesn’t matter, but there’s still always the problem of “what do I do now…”

Inspired by rachel h

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