Evolution of Self

This is an old poem I wrote a little over a year and a half ago. I’m not quite sure what inspired it, but it was saved as a draft and so I decided to share it with you all. This is Evolution of Self

distant stares into air
with idle thoughts of nothing can’t compare
to the emptiness of a soul
that has no place to call home;

this is where I am.
this is where I am.
this is who I am
an idle soul who thinks it can

an idle soul that thinks it can
but where have I gone
in the 20 years that have gone by
to say that I have changed would be wrong

I’ve come from silent tears
and a boy that hears
to a voice that has thickened
with ears that can listen

yet, sometimes I wonder-
what’s the value of the gilded soul
I’d shown the world that left me
to embrace the cold alone

I say, loneliness is lonesome
but to be lonely is not to be alone;
alone is a human minus all
but lonely is a human minus its soul

I say, in 20 years I’ve wandered
farther away from happiness than I’d care to admit
but it’s taken me 20 years to finally realize
what my happiness is.


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