Just Write – Drifting

Ten years ago, I was 11 years old. Ten years ago, my life began to take a definitive shape. Ten years ago…it’s hard to believe it, but a lot has happened in the past ten years. I mean, it’s 10% of a century, of course a lot has happened, but sometimes it’s hard to believe. I don’t know where the rest of you were ten years ago, but I was on the south side of Chicago, either in school or sitting in my front room in front of a computer.

The internet was really beginning to take shape then. Twitter, MMOs, Myspace. Things were definitely different then. Inside of my ears right now, old music from that time is playing. A cover of Alison Sudol’s Almost Lover. Do you know it? Can you hear it? Where were you when I began to really develop my passion for words, setting the stage for the next decade? Meeting the people who I’d talk to on and off; popping in and out of their lives as indiscriminately as I check in and out of my own. Checking out of reality to escape. Getting lost in a book, movie, or maybe a TV show. The medium is irrelevant. I always loved to fantasize as a child. So is the way of people like me: Taureans if you’re into astrology; INFP if Myer Briggs is more of your thing.

I remember reading this somewhere five years ago: every five years 98% of the cells in your body are completely replaced. Every five years we are literally no longer the people we used to be. Actually, thinking about it now, maybe it’s seven years, but let’s roll with five. I am only 2% of the person I was when I discovered this. I am only .04% of the person I was ten years ago when I began to realize who I was as a person. Obviously, life isn’t like that. I don’t become a new person every few years or so just because some cells die, but it does make for an interesting explanation about change.

I’m just writing words though. A stream of unedited consciousness with no real goal beyond being something interesting to read. Maybe the words will make you think. Maybe they’ll make me think. Or maybe they’re just words and we all spend too much time reading into everything…


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