Every day, many precious seconds are wasted. Time is tossed casually down the drain. All the time that we claim to never have? It lies at our feet– wasted; unable to ever be used again. It’s quite a shame, but I’m definitely guilty of it. A life of consumption spent contemplating production from the safety of a moment where things are quite often easier said than done. It’s tiring. Watching the world talk big shit on its way down, only to realize that you’re heading down right along with it. That isn’t even the worst part. Coupled closely with our defeated pride on the spiral downward is desire. You see, desires tend to be locked into brief moments of time, only ever really surfacing whenever there are any triggers. I suppose, however, that’s what makes it a desire. A want. Arbitrary feelings, akin to envy, towards an ideal or object that you want in the moment. Passion…now that is an entirely different beast in itself. I know passion. Where Desire lacks in reason and substance, Passion flourishes, flaunting its agency.

It’s passion that keeps you up ’til 3AM, working tirelessly until consciousness fades from you. Then that same Passion that burned like a candle throughout the night shines as bright as a sun itself on your face only a couple of hours later; teasing you into wakefulness with the promise of many more hours spent working on what you love. That’s where most people have got it wrong. They think that you’ve wasted your night away, working tirelessly for nothing. What they don’t understand is that, when passion is involved, that time spent is never wasted. To desire is to want something, from a distance. But Passion…it is more than a simple want.

Everyone has dreams. Everyone has some goal that, supposedly, they are working towards achieving. They talk big talk and believe they exude greatness, but the one thing that separates those that are great from the rest of us that are simply mediocre is this: resolve. We all have the potential for greatness, but few of us make concrete plans to achieve it. Even fewer put those plans into action. Even fewer, still, are those that endure the adversity that is bound to appear in the pursuit of self-improvement.

Deep within those that struggle for something better, however, is passion, burning bright and burning long. It isn’t something that you’re born with. It isn’t something that you can learn. Passion is the resolve you have to work tirelessly towards a goal that seems to become more impossible to achieve the closer you get to it because, for you, it matters.

It is easy to make an excuse for yourself. I’m not trying to invalidate your reasons for not attaining the results you desire in life. I’m sure your reasons are legitimate, just as I feel mine are. That said, we are all guilty of wasting precious time that could propel us forward to things we want, all for the sake of rest, or a peace of mind, or because it isn’t time yet. That perfect moment that we’re all waiting for? It’s sitting in shambles at our feet. The collective seconds we have wasted, all amounting to hours, days even. Entire days allowed to waste away as we fantasize about all the things we’d love to do– if only I had the time.


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