Stray thoughts (1)

The night is wild. In it, aspirations bubble about in my mind, teasing me. The excitement of everything that can come to pass is a double edged sword. On one side, it is my inspiration. Thoughts of honing my linguistic mastery and speaking in other languages with ease. It stimulates. It stimulates my mind. Being able to communicate and understand on another level to another degree with other individuals would be a godsend. We all have the potential. Nothing’s stopping me from speaking Japanese and French except for the idea that I don’t have enough time. In the same way time hinders my tongue, it also hinders my fingers. I’ve begun the steps to a greater mastery of instruments, but like most, I stopped the progression. Of course, there was no real reason. One day, I didn’t take a step forward. Just as easy as it is to go step by step, I let the hours pass day by day while my body stood at a stand-still. Skills left at mediocre; skillful enough to woo once, but woe am I when I’m found to be a poser instead of the muse. It is this side of the sword that cuts me. The reality of things, and the submission I give to the steadfast desire of comfort in the unchanging. When I think deeply upon the matter, I realize I just want to do great things and leave some sort of an impact on the world, but that’s most people. For dreams to become memories to reminisce upon, I must find my own words and the will to carve out my own path down roads with destinations I have no idea about.

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