This is what it is

No one ever really sees the sun for what it is:
A ticking time bomb suspended in space,
Awaiting the moment it loses the will to go on,
Imploding, destroying first itself, and then
Exploding; destroying every bit of evidence that something as insignificant as you or I ever existed.

No one ever sees the moon for what it really is:
A hollow shell; the remnants of pale, rough terrains that, somehow,
Managed to survive a collision with Earth.
Shining only by the grace of the Sun,
Held loosely in place by the tolerance of this planet:

Earth. No one ever sees it for what is really is:
A reality marble comprised of elements, dreams, and chance.
Denizens we are, but our existence is nothing but a sham.
A candle in the dark, fighting the wind in hopes of not being extinguished…

No one ever sees life for what it is:
A brief moment of experience we were cursed with;
Dozens of years formed from emotions and the constant fear of the inevitable…
No one ever wants to face the truth,
But someday that’s all that will remain

And no one will be there to see it for what it is.


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