Words Unfiltered: Just Write

Junior and Senior year of high school I had AP literature and AP language and composition. In both of those classes, on certain days, we’d do something called “Just write.” Basically, it was free writing which is pretty similar to my words unfiltered series. Sometimes there is a set topic, sometimes there isn’t. We always had a choice of what we wanted to writing about regardless of what was up there. A lot of the times I’d just write the first thing that came to mind and I’d keep on going until I couldn’t or until I was told to stop, whichever came first. Sometimes I’d write a poem, other times a story, other times I’d just write words or my literal thoughts. I really didn’t like it too much initially. Sometimes it’s hard to write things when you’re given a topic that you might not like or know well, but you always knew where to start. With this, there was a lot of freedom, and sometimes too much freedom actually makes doing things harder.

I mean, if you could do literally anything you wanted to do, I’m sure you’d strive to do the best possible, but let’s be a bit more realistic. If you could choose to do anything you wanted to do, with no guarantee of success or satisfaction, what would you do? We see real life examples of this every day and every year. In regards to college, unless you have a strong disposition towards a certain area or college already, you might find it difficult to pick one, especially if there is no one to help you. With so many choices available, you’re always afraid of making the wrong one or one that you simply might regret. There are so many factors, and sometimes you see the good in a lot of choices and it makes it impossible for you to narrow your choices down. Being given some suggestions, however, could greatly help the process. My chemistry teacher in high school told me that, when I talked to her about freedom of choice, the number of choices that people can have while still feeling like they have freedom but not being overwhelmed by their choices is 3.

I know that they may seem limiting, and I personally believe it is, but take a look at it this way: when you have hundreds of options to choose from, how do you have any idea of knowing what you should pick? A lot of people ask others for advice, and those people help narrow things down to a manageable number of choices. Having some sense of direction, it’s easier to figure out what you want to do/buy/whatever. Another idea I have is to simply break things down into categories. Instead of asking, “What university or college out of every single one in the world would you like to attend?,” questions that help narrow choices down should be asked. “Do you want to stay in state or out of state?” “Do you want a small school, a medium sized school, or a large school?” I know that several sites do this for colleges, and things like amazon have these options out there for people to use, but it can go unnoticed. A lot of people don’t use advanced search settings or select categories for many reasons. But I suppose if we tried to help people who can’t seem to make decision by asking them questions like these, things would run a bit smoother.

Of course, life is how it is. There really is no issue in regards to how people choose things, but this would certainly make things easier. I, however, have no idea what I’m talking about anymore.

Until tomorrow, or next time, whichever comes first.

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