Words Unfiltered: The first time

So I’ll probably do this once a week, but this gonna be a series called words unfiltered. What is it you ask? Well, I don’t know, so let me make it up right now. Words unfiltered will basically just be me doing my writing as usual, but without a focus going into it. I mean, I usually don’t have a focus until I get down and think for a few minutes, unless I decide early on in the day, but this will be more like take a pen and just start writing and don’t edit anything out. So yeah, you get all of my words unfiltered and all.

My stress levels are a bit raised right now. Why? Just living life in general causing stress to go up I suppose, but I hear yelling in the background. I was gonna say something else, but I think I just forgot.* If I didn’t though, I probably just did by now. As you may have noticed, my train of thought gets off topic very fast. I have to write with a focus in mind usually or else all of my writing will be filled with a lot of unexplained things and leave you with a lot of questions. It might be very frustrating.

I believe I just remembered what I was going to tell you all.*** I plan on doing a little mini promotion for my blog soon. Obviously I haven’t had my daily writing up, but I decided to spend some time writing a lot of post ahead of time so that I can schedule a lot of my writing for you all. That way, a lot of the weekly things I have planned will be right on time always, and you all can get good content. If not daily, several times a week, though I aim to do my writing daily. I really need to schedule a lot of things in my life, but I also enjoy the freedom of free time way too much. I’m spontaneous, but schedules help me and I like them. I am two polar opposites, or rather, I am polar on both sides of the spectrum for a lot of things. And I just realized I got way off topic again.****

While…I– well, I was going to get off topic before getting back on topic, but I forgot what I was going to say exactly, so let’s just go with what I was originally going to say! After I say what I was just about to say because, well, I sort of remembered. I really wonder if people will like this because it is a very different (and very confusing) bit of writing. It’s my train of thought that you all are riding the first time it goes on a trip. Not before all of the rocky roads are fixed, though trains don’t ride on roads…

Alas, back to the promotional event. I will print a bunch of QR barcodes linking to my blog and place them at a lot of random bus stops in the city (since I live in Chicago) and hope people find it and actually check it out. I think it’s a good idea, but who knows. I won’t know until I try. I also am working on my about me page. I get very antsy thinking about it. I know that I can always go back and change it, but I also want it to be basically perfect once I do it. I’ll get it over with soon enough.

Life is so, and forgive me for the abrupt change in subject because I usually have smoother transitions, exhilarating (I say as I exhale). There is so much that I want to do and so little time. Really, I know that I don’t do a lot of things because I am always caught up in all the things that I could be doing. I worry a lot, I get anxious, and I just. Well, I’m human. We all have individual personalities made up of a lot of experiences and other things, and I am just being who I am. Slowly but surely I am crafting myself to be the best version of myself that I can be, but we can only strive to be perfected, never perfect.

Wow. I realize that my train of thought is very chaotic. I suppose I actually really like it. I hope you all like it as well. And now, for my finish line? I mean my signature (I have no idea why I called it a finish line).

Until tomorrow, or next time, whichever comes first.

* I do purposely write gonna because I say that when I speak.**

**In case anyone wonders, I do write the foot notes the moment I think the put them there. Not after I finish writing the main body of text.

***I also sometimes say going, and I was about to edit in “sometimes” before the first footnote, but I think that is evident now.

****I should probably call this series ADD writing. I don’t think I have ADD though. At least I hope not.

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