Your Daily Distractions

How many times have you set out to do something either really important, or something that you just really wanted to do despite how hard it would be, only to find yourself on YouTube or doing 20 other things? I can tell you, since I started writing this post, I have been distracted by several things. I ate dinner. I went to use the bathroom. I put clothes in the washer. I checked up on an online game. I looked for my headphones. I texted someone. I set out to write this post initially maybe 30 minutes ago from the time I am writing it, but I ended up doing 6 other things. Granted, the fact that going to the bathroom is a natural part of life, I still did a lot of other different things. It wasn’t too distracting, and I only wasted half an hour, but this is just a minor case of daily distractions.

One of the biggest distractions we have are phones. Plain and simple.* You toy and fiddle with your phone when you are bored or when you don’t want to do something just because. Sometimes you turn the screen on, swipe through the home screen, and turn it off. Five seconds that you could have spent doing something have just been wasted. The main distractions are the apps we have on our phones though, not just the phone itself. A lot of people already sit down with the intent to do something productive but end up spending hours on Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram.** For the most part, while this time may be enjoyable, it is often time that is not very well spent. Sure, you do what you want to because you live your own life and you have the freedom to do whatever you want. But when you start to notice that you just wasted 6 hours that could have been spent writing by playing a game, then you might want to check yourself and make sure you are focusing on the right things.***

Another thing that is a huge distraction for people (not me personally however) is television. Believe me, I’ve seen this first hand. I was once talking to a friend who was over and the TV was on. I think of the TV as lively background, and since I’m not paying the cable bill I don’t really care if the TV is on or not. I don’t even watch TV. Tangent.*** Anyways, as I was talking, my friend suddenly looked over to the TV and started watching the show. I didn’t care too much because I figured she was still listening and just glanced over to see what was happening because of how the show sounded or something. I stopped talking as soon as I realized that she was paying absolutely no attention to me whatsoever. I’m talking about I had to call her nameĀ severalĀ times just to get her attention. And once I had it and began talking again, the TV stolen her soul for a second time.

Alas, distractions are inevitable though. Earlier, I distracted a big goal I had (writing) with a bunch of little goals I had (chores and dinner) just because it seemed easier. People get distracted because it seems easier to do something else for just a moment before doing what you need. People get distracted because procrastination is often always more enticing than facing things when they come up. It’s a fact of life, but it isn’t something that you have to always do. Take charge of your life. Minimize your distractions. Be brutal with yourself, and make sure you do the things you need to do. Besides, once all the work is done, who cares if you indulge a few hours watching cat videos on YouTube? Absolutely no one.

Until tomorrow, or next time, whichever comes first.

*I believe I am distracted by my phone, but not as badly as some people. Smartphones are amazing, but there is an entire world in front of you whenever you look up from your screen.

**Personally, I really don’t like social media much, and though my time spent on YouTube has drastically decreased, I have definitely been guilty of that.

***Yes, this has happened to me before. I apologize.

****Of course, I just so happened to get distracted by my thoughts as I was writing. That is another thing that happens to me as well. Distractions are everywhere.

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