Short Stories

I am a writer first and foremost, and I like to write poetry and short stories. I have a tumblr blog¬†where most of my poetry is posted up, but I don’t really post my short stories anywhere. I write about any and everything, and sometimes my writing develops the characteristics of a story. I’ll start posting my short stories online Sundays at 6pm¬†central timezone.* This means that I’ll have to write a new short story for you guys every week. I have a few that I am going to share with you all, but that list will be exhausted soon. Feel free to comment, like, and share my writing. I greatly appreciate it, and if you like my writing, your friends and family will too.

Until tomorrow, or next time, whichever comes first.

*If it doesn’t post at noon, then expect for it to come sometime shortly after. I once scheduled a post and it posted 7 minutes after the scueduled time.

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