Lost in the motions of life

Time can fly by very quickly. Prime example (and probably the most relate-able) is that it was just 7:00pm Central time-zone. I simply began washing, cleaning, and talking to an old friend who was having some relationship troubles. Now? It’s 10:28pm. I mean that time just flew. Thoughts were spinning in my head and my body was somewhat on auto-pilot as I went about the motions of my evening, and I suddenly found myself here at 10:29pm.

It’s been 5 months since December. In December, everything seemed so far away. Graduation, Prom, My birthday. Even though I know that 5 months have passed, it doesn’t feel like it. 5 months feels more like 5 weeks, but 5 months is almost 22 weeks, and 22 weeks is 154 days. 154 days means 3,696 hours, which means 221,760 minutes, which means 13,305,600 seconds. It’s been over thirteen million, three hundred five thousand, six hundred seconds since I found myself pondering the future that is now today. The clock only keeps ticking, and life only keeps marching onward.

I hate to write such a short post, but this night is a busy one. Here’s some news: I’m planning on self-hosting my blog so that I have a lot more creative freedom with the layout and everything. Since I’m also graduating really soon, I’ll also have more time to invest, which means more writing for you lovely strangers.

Until tomorrow, or next time, whichever comes first.

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