Got an infection

Title sucks because it’s true. I have a bacterial infection under my arm. I’ve ever only had one other infection before once when I was younger, and it was on the back of my head. I was prescribed a giant pill that, was not only big, but tasted horrible. Alas, I’m used to the icky taste. It was the size of the pill that challenged me, and still challenges me today.

Now, for those of you who’ve never had a problem swallowing pills, you simply will not understand and I don’t think there is a way to make you understand except for me to find something that I find, and many others, find really easy, and try to show you that there are some things that seem easy that some people just cannot do. That being said, I also understand that we chew and swallow food and the like, but there are a couple of differences. For one, you can chew your food. I’m all for grinding pills in my mouth as long as I can, bitter taste or not. It makes it easy, chewing, because it makes whatever is in your mouth smaller and mixes it with all of your saliva. Sometimes there are bigger chunks of food and what not that go down, but it’s never very pleasant. The few times that has happened to me, my gag reflex usually kicks in and I feel like I am going to choke.

Now, pills. I understand that it is, first, a mind thing. It’s all mental about me being able to swallow a pill simply because it is what it is. And if that isn’t enough, I’m also slightly skeptical of medicines and the like. Well, skeptical isn’t the right word. I don’t favor medicine and I wouldn’t take it under normal circumstances. But if I feel like I probably should, then go ahead and give it to me (preferably in a liquid form). Considering how much this pains me (it isn’t intense, but it’s enough to make me worried), I feel like I shouldn’t wait this out. My doctor also immediately prescribed me the medication as soon as she did because she my infection because she was very worried, but I digress. I already have that negative connatation in my head, along with the slight fear of the symptom trade-offs.

Another thing is that the pill* can’t exactly be “combined” with my saliva. It’s pretty much permanently solid until it is down my throat, since it won’t dissolve in water. Alas, I know that I can’t go through life like this. I mean, I have, but I should at least know how to take a pill. Sadly, these ones aren’t as small as I’d like, but then again, I have issues swallowing very tiny tablets. I know I can tough it out and do it, and so I will. Starting with my current pills, I will learn.

Anyways, that was my little rant for today I suppose. Until tomorrow, provided I don’t forgot. I shouldn’t. I won’t. I better not.

*I know I’m referring to it as a pill, but in this instance of the medicine I’m prescribed right now, it is a capsule.

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