Just a day in the life

So today is Monday. I didn’t write a  post yesterday (I won’t count Saturday because that was Prom, and I knew I’d be tired that day),  and although this isn’t a legitimate excuse (as I could have found a way), here is my reason as to why: my internet was turned off. I still live with my mother and she is in charge of all the bills and everything. Considering the fact that Prom was Saturday, I’m assuming she went all out on credit cards and the like to make sure that my day would be special. Although not the main reason I didn’t want to go to prom in the first place, that was definitely a supporting one.

Anyways, today was senior ditch day. What’d I spend this day doing? Well, first I had to relax and take a nice long nap with my girlfriend. We’ve been meaning to nap together, and we always sleep better with each other near. That’s the only laziness of the day though, as it got more intense as the day progressed.

We went to try and visit a Japanese garden,* but, sadly, there was construction going on all around it and we couldn’t enter. We had to abandon out initial plans, we ended up discovering another little nature getaway in the city, and that wouldn’t have happened if our first plan was a huge success, so thank goodness for the first disappointment.**

After we had our little adventure, we found ourselves hanging out with a couple of our friends. And what do you do on senior ditch day with two good friends? You run two miles and do  some exercise, that’s what! At least, that’s what we did. It’s been a while since I last really exercised, so it was a little tough of me (even tougher on my girlfriend since it’s been even longer since she’s done real exercise), but I felt great afterwards.

My girlfriend began to wheeze and cough after we were done. It could be simply because we did a lot and it’s been a while for her (and in nature***), but I can’t help but to worry. She will be fine though.

All in all, today was a good day. I hope you all had one as well.

*Osaka Garden is the name of it
**Caldwell lily pool is the name of it.
***My girlfriend has allergies. She’s allergic to nature to a certain degree

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