The joys of cleaning

So as I am writing this post, I am cleaning. I mean, I am cleaning up things, not cleaning with a tablet or laptop in my hand, typing with my right as I wash dishes with my left like the almighty multi-tasking magical mother of four.* But you know what I mean. I’m taking a break to write my post because I nearly forgot, and it’s around the time I’d usually do it anyway (plus I don’t wanna skip a day. Before midnight is alright. By midnight does not count for me).

I’m rambling, as I tend to do. Anyways, I like to clean up. Not in the neat freak type of way in which it provides me a sense of order, but rather, in a way to get lost in the motions. If that sounds weird, then hopefully it’ll make sense as I continue to write. You see, when I clean, I put my body on auto-pilot. I compile a list of task that need to get done, and I do them, plain and simple. The only difference from most people is that, chances are, I am all types of in my head while I clean. I may be fantasizing about the latest book I’m reading (which happens to be divergent), thinking about the future, or doing maths in my head.** It really doesn’t matter what is on my mind. The fact of the matter is that I am able to focus primarily on that as opposed to the other things in life that may distract me.

To me, cleaning is a kind of meditation in which you cleanse the physical space while simultaneously*** cleaning out your mind. I don’t know about you all, but I think it’s nice to be able to have the time to do that while also getting other things done. But before I continue ( because I have no idea where my thoughts are going), I’m going to go fold some clothes, so I will be right back in the next paragraph.

I am back. I folded a few clothes, and then I realized that there is a lot of other things that I have to get done tonight before I go to bed. If you have a bunch of things you need to get done, then go ahead and get up off your butt and do it. Or, you know, go to sleep and do it tomorrow, whichever works best. I trust you will make the right choice.

This post was very casual. But alas, I am rambling again. I may have said this already, but hopefully I’ll have a more focused post for you tomorrow.

* I have no idea. Don’t even question it, just accept it.
** Usually not though, but sometimes I find myself there.
*** I didn’t spell that word right on the first try. I thought I knew how to.

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