Been a while

Hi. So it’s obviously been a while since I’ve made a post, and there is absolutely no excuse for that. None whatsoever. But, even though there isn’t any excuse, I guess it wouldn’t hurt for me to talk about what’s happened since I’ve been gone.

Well, I am going to prom. I am pretty sure that I told you all that I had no intention on going initially, but that I ended up changing my mind because 1) My mother was sad, 2) Everyone kept begging me to come, and 3) I have a free ticket, so why not? My prom date (also my girlfriend) has her dress. It’s a beautiful blue dress that exposes a moderate amount of black, and is also accented with silver. She’s wearing silver heels, with a silver clutch, and she is just going to look absolutely gorgeous. I’m assuming many of you are probably thinking I’m wearing a blue suit, but actually, I am wearing a silver one with a blue shirt and blue shoes. (Yup. We’re going to stand out from the traditional prom attire, and I’m pretty sure my girlfriend will win prom queen hoping that my girlfriend will win prom queen [which will make her homecoming and prom queen]). Prom is pretty much taken care of, there are just a few more minor kinks to work out. Even though it really isn’t my style, I am going to go and enjoy myself on prom night.

Enough about that though. I’ve gotten a new laptop (which is the primary reason I am now writin. My old laptop of 6 years is running on fumes and it just about dead to the world). I am in love with it for several reasons, but I won’t disclose any specifics. I’m not sure if I have mentioned this or not, but I was working on getting all of the ISO files for all of the main WIndows operating systems, and I have done that, and I have also managed to get each and everyone working properly. Alas, I still only have one old laptop that I can run some test on, but I’ve learned a lot already. Recently, I haven’t been doing as much work as I probably could, but I am going to graduate soon, so I do think I deserve some type of rest before I begin my life as an adult.

Speaking of which, I am officially an adult now! While I’ve been gone, I decided to age a year in order to join legion of adults that live in this world. Being 18 feels nice. Mainly because there is an entire field of things that I can now legally do that I wouldn’t have been able to before. (Not that I have done anything wild or that I will do something wild soon).

Alas, these are all the words I have for you all for now. I have to come up with a definite way on how I will display my blog (because it is definitely looking rough right now), but because I am no longer truly busy, I will make sure to do it soon. Expect my daily post again.

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