Life can get hectic sometimes

Today’s task were something like this: Finish math homework, check people A-F for flash drives, check people G-L for old computers, collect payment from person M, email persons N & O, visit place P*, and a bunch of other stuff. Obviously, that’s not that much– At least, in comparison to most busy Americans. That being said, it still is a lot of different things to remember to do in a day, without the aid of technology to remind you. The point is that, plain and simple, life can get hectic.

Imagine a day in which you could do whatever you wanted without worry of forgetting about something major that you needed to do. No being late, no embarrassment, no consequences. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Now think back to the last time this happened. Was it recent? Now answer this: how often does this happen? If you have a job, friends, and hobbies, chances are that it doesn’t happen too often (unless you’re a person who indulges in your laziness often because you strongly believe in taking care of yourself first).

I don’t think that, in this day and age, we have enough time set aside for relaxation. I mean, we’re so into our technology (myself included. I’d be a liar if I said otherwise) that we’re always thinking about work, money, politics, and what other people are up to. Even online gaming isn’t as relaxing as you’d think it would be. Ever play League of Legends? Sometimes that can be downright stressful. There should be a week to disconnect from our electronics and reconnect with nature and ourselves. Just a day of music and laughter with our family and friends, and sleep to regenerate ourselves.

Alas, I’ve no access to my laptop at the moment, and so this post was courtesy of my thumbs. I think I’ve said enough for today. Until tomorrow.

*The name of the place starts with P. Pure coincidence that was the next letter.

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