Lazy day of work

I didn’t feel like writing a few minutes ago. I got all types of lazy and began to think ‘Maybe I can just skip writing today. No one will notice. It’s only one day, like that will hurt.’ But no. I’m going to write. I have to be consistent. I have to keep my momentum going while I have it (despite the fact that there aren’t that many people reading my random daily post, but I appreciate each and every single person who does take the time to read what I write. It makes me feel good, and we all like to feel good). With that being said, today wasn’t really too much of a lazy day for me.

It took a while for me to fall asleep last night (I blame my stuffy nose), but sleep came eventually. I awoke at around 10something in the morning because I remembered my mother’s friend was coming over. She had asked me last night before I went to bed if I could help her with her college math homework, which was mainly a bit of pre-calculus, geometry, and intermediate algebra. I told her I would be happy to help.* She ended up coming at around twelve or so, and I spent a couple of hours reviewing all of the topics myself, then going over everything with her, and making sure she was prepared to take a math test (which she ended up getting a 96% on I might add). I got paid a bit of money, and also got a lot of great math review done for myself.

Once she left, I decided to go ahead and learn a bit more of JavaScript.** I love technology a lot, and while I may not know a great deal about computers, I like to think I know a bit more than the average Joe. One area in which I just know I am completely lacking in, however, is coding in general. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python. I could maybe identify a few different languages and understand the very basics, but aside from messing around with the HTML coding and CSS of a web page, there isn’t too much I can do. There is this website called Codeacademy which basically teaches you the basics of most coding languages. It gives you a lot of practice in understanding the fundamentals of coding, but it’s lacking in terms of getting some actual practice working on projects. For that, you will have to either find projects yourself, or create your own and use what you know to do something amazing.

Anyways, I’ve already learned HTML and CSS, and I’m learning JavaScript right now. Once I finish learning that, I’ll start working on a few projects to simply get more familiar with how the languages interact with one another. While that is exciting, I think it should be noted that my school is going to give me a lot of old computers and laptops that were simply going to be recycled. The reason being is that I designed a writing lab for the school, and fixed up a lot of the older computers so that they’d run faster. I’m also officially my high school’s junior techco, so it only makes sense that they’d let me have all of their old equipment. I mean, it doesn’t work properly and no one else is going to use them. I’m going to run a lot of test on those old machines and see if I can take one apart and build it back together from scratch.

Boy, am I rambling. I guess that’s what happens when I start talking about something I’m really interested in. Let’s just be glad it’s technology and not English or Math. I can delve into some rather boring interesting conversations then. Alas, I’ve said too much. Until tomorrow.

*This was the first time I met her. Also the first time since grammar school that I’ve tutored someone. (In 8th grade, I tutored a bunch of kindergarteners).

**A quick side note: there was a blackout yesterday. Not that it was important, but I didn’t mention it yesterday’s post because I was too sick to care about electricity. The black out ended my JavaScript studies prematurely.

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