Being sick sucks

One of the worst feelings in life is to wake up one morning and find out that your body is infected. Either your nose is stuffy and you can’t breath, or it’s runny and you wish you didn’t have to. You’re too hot or too cold. You feel hungry and can’t eat. The list can go on and on, but it all boils down to this: being sick sucks. You never appreciate how good it feels to be healthy until you get sick, and then it’s late.

Yesterday I had a bit of a sore throat. I figured that I’d be better soon and didn’t worry about it too much. Then I sneezed three times later that day. Already the warning signs were there. For one, I rarely sneeze.* Even when my nose gets agitated, the actual act of sneezing happens has maybe an one in ten chance of happening.  I should have saw it coming, but I didn’t. As the day progressed, my throat wasn’t feeling any better, I was sneezing more often, and I began to feel weak and developed a slight headache. By that time, I knew I was screwed. I was sick.

I usually don’t get sick often. When I was younger, I used to get sick every time I went to visit my father until one time I didn’t. After that, I got sick maybe once or twice a year, if even that much. The only thing that would bother me was my asthma, but I weaned myself off my inhaler by my freshman year of high school, and it doesn’t bother me now. As of recent, I have been getting sick a bit more often. So far, maybe 4 times in the past two years.** It’s possible that I just don’t come into contact with enough germs to build my immune system up further (unlike my girlfriend who embraces them).

I’ll admit that I’m a slight germaphobe. I don’t go around overly sanitizing my house or anything, but sometimes I find myself compulsively washing my hands after cleaning the bathroom or handling raw meat. I excessively use paper towels and will absolutely not eat anything off the floor. I’m also not running around carrying a bottle Lysol or wearing face mask because I’m afraid someone will cough in my face. I’ve also stopped using hand sanitizer unless it’s absolutely necessary, because that has negative effects in terms of killing bacteria in the long run.

Alas, I realized that I’ve went on quite the tangent. That happens sometimes. But the moral of the story is being sick sucks. When you lay down and try to remember what it’s like to be able to breath through both of your nostrils at the same time, you, my friend, are in misery. Just try to appreciate the moment in which you can breath freely again and go about your daily life without feeling like a piece of crap.

And remember, although being sick sucks, no one wants to be sick with you. So please cover your mouth and wash your hands– and no kissing anyone!

*Normal things I don’t do often: Sneeze, cough, hiccup, etc. I think the fact that I don’t hiccup is a unique one. I seriously only ever hiccup once if ever. I do not get the hiccups. Fact.

**I don’t know if that’s really a lot, but it is to me.

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