Before I begin, I want you to get into a very comfortable position. Comfy? Good. Now, close your eyes and think about the last dream you had. What do you see? What do you hear? Are there any smells? Do you remember what the dream was about? Was it a good dream, or a bad one? Once you’ve finished reflecting, go ahead and open your eyes and, with your dreamscape in mind, continue reading.

So I don’t quite remember my dream from last night, but I do remember what I was dreaming about from the other night, sort of. I was in a building of some sort, some type of headquarters I’ll assume. My memory of the dream begins when I rode to the top of the building to do a security check with my boss. I’m afraid of heights,* and I decided to make this known to my superior. He joked about it, and in my dream I was suddenly attacked with the memory of a nightmare I once had: being on top of a skyscraper with no way down. In there, I was forced to scale down the building if I wanted any chance of surviving. Surviving what? I don’t remember at all, but the terror was real.

Back to the current dream now, it started to get a little hazy. I remember more walking and talking, a hotel sweep, and me attempting to obtain my own firearm, which didn’t really sit too comfortably with me. The last thing I remember before waking up, struggling for my breath at 6:45am, was watching someone being crushed by a pair of enormous titans.** I didn’t think too much about my dream that day at all until I remembered the nightmare I had again. The memory of that bad dream was basically eradicated from my mind altogether. I had forgotten all about it until it invaded the dream I had the other night, but it also reminded me of something: all of my dreams are interconnected.

That’s right. There’s an entire world deep inside of my head, and it’s a place I can actually visit from time to time. Every last one of my dreams takes place in the same dreamscape.  Whenever I wake up, I can usually recall one or two details from my dream that I found in all of my other ones. This has been going on ever since the first nightmare I remembered when I was seven years old.*** Since then, I’ve always been interested in my subconscious world. I’d try every single night to make myself dream. Most nights I did, and when I discovered that I could even control my dreams (lucid dreaming), I was hooked. Each and every night presented the chance for me to go on an adventure.

Dreams are an amazing escape from the world inside of yourself. I’ve made it my mission to explore deep inside of my mind whenever I find myself with the opportunity to dream lucidly. Before I was plagued with insomnia, I discovered several methods on how to make myself dream every night, and also how to have lucid dreams. I haven’t had the state of mind to actively dream each and every night with a goal in mind, but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. Perhaps I will make a post at some point with tips on how to dream more in general. But, I believe I am done writing for the day.

If you have a really cool dream you’ve had recently, or simply would like to talk about a time you had a lucid dream, I encourage you to comment below!

* Really it’s edges that bother me, but for simplicity’s sake, let’s go with heights.
** From the anime “Attack on Titan”
*** I still remember it vividly

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