I just might title everything

Warning: This post will just be a bunch of thoughts, though that’s really what all my post are and will be. Let me rephrase that, all the thoughts in this post may not revolve around a central theme.

Now that that* has been said, on with my thoughts. So I’m feeling a bit down at this current moment. I was going to try to do something, but then I realized I couldn’t exactly do it just right now. I also didn’t research things like I normally would, because I was too excited. So alas, it will have to wait. Waiting is probably best anyway. My energies should be focused elsewhere.**

So I’m looking for a job, and hopefully I’m able to get one soon. There is this restaurant called Roti that I may be working at. It’s a small little fast casual place, and it has a good atmosphere. I should be having an interview there sometime this week, and then I’ll see how things progress from then. I need money (I mean, we all need money) so I can start saving up. I want to move out of home as soon as I can, and I kind of need a job to do that. I mean, it’d be nice if I got paid for every bit of writing I did, but that’s not happening. I have to work hard to earn a living doing what I love. Sadly, things like that don’t happen overnight.

What did happen overnight was the opportunity to make a few bucks. There was this girl at school who asked me if I could take a look at her laptop because it was all types of screwed up. Even though it was bad, I told her I’d be able to fix it and get it working again. During the process, she told me about how some company wanted an outrageous price to fix the computer (basically enough to purchase it again,) and she offered to pay me. I mean, why turn down the chance to make some money? It also made me realize that my love of technology is something profitable that will always be useful in the future.

The future isn’t so far off either. Man….Life is wild. I’m growing up. We’re all getting older. It’s already April of 2015. This year is moving by really fast (last week went by fast, but this week is going by pretty slowly actually). It won’t be long until I look up and realize that it’s April of 2019 or something. I just find it all so crazy.

I suppose, I’ve ranted enough for today. I was going to write about dreams, but you’ll get that at a later date (maybe tomorrow if you’re lucky).
*I told you I like using it.** Not going to tell you all what I was planning on doing because you’ll find out soon enough

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